About Me

Q: Who are you? A: Chelsey Roos Q: What are you? A: Children’s librarian, Aquarius, INFJ, registered Democrat, card-carrying atheist, she/her, lawful neutral, rogue/bard, general tall person, mildly weird. Q: Where are you? A: Bay Area, California. I currently work for Alameda County Library at the Castro Valley branch, which serves an unincorporated county area … More About Me

Chelsey’s Favorite… 2020 Newbery Contendors (so far!)

We’re halfway through 2019, and you know what that means: time to start hunting down the elusive potential Newbery winners of 2020. Now, when I say “potential Newbery winners,” I don’t really mean that I’m trying to predict what will win the award. I’ve been anywhere from just disliking to downright hating some past winners, … More Chelsey’s Favorite… 2020 Newbery Contendors (so far!)

Recipe for a STEAM Lab: Geometric bubbles

Kids love bubbles – we know this. But can bubbles open up a conversation about something more than who can pop them the fastest? Absolutely! For this STEAM Lab, we’re combine concepts of geometry and abstract reasoning with soapy, splashy fun! What you need: straws pipe cleaners scissors deep, clear containers (for holding bubble solution) … More Recipe for a STEAM Lab: Geometric bubbles